Navajeen Vikas Seva Sanstha, Raipatan, has outlined planning, action plan and guidelines and vision for various undertakings ad projects in brief for next 5 to 7 years.

Action Plan Promotion - Propagation

The institue will promote and propagate its "Vision Document" at different places and different programmes. Its views will be expressed before the society through the media and on individual levels. It will create life-members, patrons, associates and donors. The institute will take up the programmes in phases.

Vision Document Index
  • Vigyanganga - Mobile Laboratory
  • Jagritidhara (Anatomy, Superstition, Civil rights, Village Cleaness)
  • Computer Literacy - Computer knowledge for all.
  • Mobile Library
  • Navjeevan - A magazine
  • Scholarship Lecture
  • My Marathi (Mother tongue Counseling)
  • Vigyandhara - Science Exhibition
  • Sports Competitions
  • Self-employment
  • Parallel Text-book Development
  • Counseling Meetings
  • Developing Education Tools
Viganganga - Mobile Laboratory : Introduction

In the Zilla Parishad Schools students hardly get a chance to handle science apparatus and conduct practical's on their own. Science is often taught in descriptive style. This programme aims at availing the science lab facilities to all students.

The Present Scenario - Lacunae

All Marathi Schools in the Konkan region are under Zilla Parishad. under the Operation Black Board project these schools were give a type-recorder and a TV Set. Today most tape-recorders and TVs are out of order and could not be repaired due to paucity of repair fund. A survey conducted on this background revealed:

  • Science Box given to schools under for OBB in 1986 is out of order.
  • Teachers are from the old generation and are not accustomed to new curriculum, science subjects and new concepts. Even if some teachers are willing to do something the are unable to do so due to unavailability of means.
  • The fresh teachers are full of enthusiasm but lack of means dempen their spirits.
  • Teachers have to spend the grand of Rs. 500/- on physical needs.

Wherever the concept of mobile laboratory was mooted, teachers whole-heartedly accepted it. There has been overwhelming response to the idea. One mobile laboratory requires:

Apparatus boxes, A Computer set, VCE and DVD sets and a van

Telco has donated such a mobile van to Vigyan Bharti, Pune. It is Telco's own project. Navajeevan plans to take such mobile laboratory to every school. The blue print of the project is ready as follows:

Necessary things for the mobile laboratory

  • A van - in view of the roads in Konkan, Tata, Leyland or Telco model is recommended.
  • A projection TV set for approximately 150 to 200 students.
  • VCD + DVD Model
  • Micro-phone set.
  • Computer set with scanner, printer with multi-media system.
  • Overhead projector, slide projector, LCD
  • Epidiascope
  • 70 mm Projector (some rare educational movies from the archives of Films Division could be shown)
  • Audio or video films on the subjects of nature and environment awareness, health-care, agriculture.
  • Necessary books and booklets.
  • Magazines on the subjects of education, agriculture, etc.
  • well-furnished library.
  • Ambulance
  • Algebra / Geometry Box

All these things could be set in a van to be taken to schools. No such van is available permanently with any organization in konkan. In Guhagar taluka an RSS-run mobile mobile lab is invited every year. In Sindhudurg district a mobile lab is called from Mumbai.

Pricipals of all schools from konkan have demanded such a facility and teachers have shown willingness to contribute to such programme that would connect all schools.

Role of the institute

With the sole objective of "practical application" NVVS will organize different projects in the fiield of education. These projects will take shape with the active participation. Expenses for the projects will be incurred from the aids received as well as from the fixed corpus. If need, donations from the people or their participation will the accepted. The institue will continue is role of a paradise for creativity with interactive education, stress-free education and tension-free atmosphere.