Our Team

Our Team is with seven members. About founder Mahesh Laxman Palasuledesai is our founder. His dynamic leadership lead us towards Navjeevan. His enthusiastically role with deep study of problem many time become useful to solve it. Other than Mahesh Palasuledesai we six members are as following

Anita Anant Gangan (Vice-Chairman)

A lady activist and involved in women's work, self help group and other grass-root activities. She is S.S.C. passed.

Sunil A. Wadekar

Sunil is B.Com. (Mumbai University) he is secretary of Navjeevan Vikas Seva Sanstha. He is accountant of rural based society. He evolved in many rural development activity.

Suhas Ramchandra Gavade

Very grass-root worker a good activist. He is full of experienced with village life. He travelled across the whole konkan. He know in and outs of animal husbandry. He is a friend of farmers.

Keshav Govind Shinde

He is active youth. He is a friend of so many konkan youth. He is a good farmer. He is a good resource person for konkan farming. (esp. Mango, Cashew)

Yashawant Shankar Shetye

He is dynamic youth. He is very interested in education field. Practical education for life is key point of his thinking.

Tukaram D. Khochade

Tukaram is farmer. He is expert in farm development. Profitable cash crops is his point of his work.