Vision Farming

Our organization is symbol of confidence and we prove that grassroot level working can change the life of farmer – so we have vision.

  • To act as resource agency who can motivate local group, women's self help groups (SHG) into social action for changing their lives from traditional way of living into a contemporary world.
  • To develop a model farm as a ideal farm of cash crops and organic farming – where all type of farmer can training for their own farming.
  • To established a model dairy training center with all equipment and material. Where the farmer will know buffalos breeds, types and other practices, milking process, cattle feeds, green and dry grass etc.
  • Profitable farming with exotic vegetables and cash crops can change the daily life of farmer so we will develop a that type of farm.
  • To start a model training center of various farm machines. Many types of machine will collect in organization to show the farmer. Also it will be made available for farmers on the base of little rental.