About Navjeevan Vikas Seva Sanstha

We are the team of seven people; but we live like family members in this organization. We are overwhelmed to state that with the able guidance of our advisory board, our member (director) will develop all the qualities of good society in the villagers. We are full of vigor, vision, ambition, and readiness to accept the social challenges.

So many media persons says that India will become India if divided in society 'Haves' and ' Haves Not' comes together India is divided in 'India' and 'Bharat' large youth power is less educated and unemployed. There are three types of youth extra ordinary it sari youth (NRI), semi skilled Indian youth and villagers shabby youths. (Who have no interest for their traditional trades, who interest for their traditional trades, who are less educated, semi skills) without tvaining to this all types how can nation become a super power?

With this question in our mind we engaged in rural development and enthusiastically working to come together with education and agriculture. We are proud of the thing that our team is above quoted third type of society

Sustainable development is a soul of our activities; better productivity in agriculture education with morals and ethics, are our ultimate aims, that is our target our all activities, programs the towards self confidence, positive approach, rural people and hopes with agriculture base with education towards agriculture base. With education towards agriculture is the our ultimate aim and so we are.

"Navjeevan Vikas Seva Sanstha"(NVSS) is an offspring of ARYADURGA PARIVAR (AP) established in 2001. This AP movement started by learned teachers and unemployed youth groups. In the beginning AP started a movement for 4th and 7th standards students scholarship examination. Distribution of question paper set of this standards was the men activity; at the first time. This movement spread in whole district of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg.